The Company manufactures and supplies cosmetics for facial and skin care in various forms such as creams, waxes, gels, etc under the Company’s trademarks.

Outstanding Business Features

The business has its origins in a team of pharmacists determined to use their knowledge in cosmetic science to develop and manufacture high quality products, utilizing raw materials with proven safety and efficacy. The team strives to create products that add value and ensure maximum benefits for distributors and consumers, thus gaining wide acceptance and recognition in both professional and consumer health markets. Emphasis is placed on making the brand the best known name in the target markets, thereby developing and expanding the team into a multidisciplinary healthcare team to create quality health and beauty products for society.

Outstanding Product Features

The range of products and services focuses on nourishing facial products to treat acne-prone skin, fine lines, and dark spots, haircare products, and bodycare products.

In developing products, the Company attaches significance to the following realms:

1. Product quality control starts from securing essential substances from reliable sources backed by the clinical study results, which verify that they treat or solve consumers’ problems effectively, and a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). In the case of a nourishing facial product, it will undergo a dermatological test or a hypoallergenic test by dermatologists from renowned institutions, and descriptions for the product label comply with Asian Harmonization Regulation.

2. The commitment to develop innovative beauty products focuses on creating formulations and the production process, using state-of-the-art machinery, distinctive raw materials, and quality control system to satisfy the needs of modern day consumers.

3. The products focus on natural extracts built around research to obtain essential substances from medicinal plants, development of drug formulations, and the use of advanced efficient extraction technique to obtain quality extracts.

4. The product components pose minimal environmental impact. For example, they contain no microplasma-causing substances and are reef-friendly.

5. Proper packaging is used for the product. Sunscreen cream, for instance, uses a 5-layer instead of a 3-layer plastic tube like other skincare products to protect the sunscreen product from volatility and maintain its SPF stability.

Today, the Company’s cosmetics have gained trust from professionals and users alike for their quality and innovations as a result of the Company’s meticulous attention to the type and quantity of essential substances used, production sources, and effectiveness of the finished products.

Examples of Products

is a beauty product line for facial and body skin treatment and for healthy skin from head to toe. Each product addresses a specific skin care issue such as scarring, fine lines, acnes, and dark spots. Vitara products target consumers who are entering the job markets up to the middle-aged group. They are distributed via modern trade stores and pharmacies.
Burnova Plus
is a facial skin care product line that aims to moisturize the skin with a combination of aloe vera, cucumber, and centella. The products target students and teenagers through modern trade stores and pharmacies.
BR Derm
is a line of skin care and beauty products targeting consumers looking for high quality products that can effectively solve their skin problems and are recommended by dermatologists. Containing no fragrance or other skin irritants that can trigger allergic reactions, BR Derm products are distributed through hospitals.
skin care products from natural extracts, reduce dark spots, redness, acne marks, end all skin problems with the precious Celltera ™ innovation from centella asiatica extract that nourishes, cares and soothes the skin, gentle, suitable for all skin types. Available at leading hospitals and pharmacies nationwide. with sales guaranteed over a million tubes

Distribution Channels

To expand marketing opportunities to reach all target groups and to reduce risks that may arise in each distribution channel, the Company has formulated the strategies to use a diverse array of distribution channels suitable for each line of products. The Company’s distribution channels currently span the following distributors:

Beauty Clinics
Public and private hospitals, modern trade stores

such as Lotus’s, Big C, Macro, CP All, Tops, FamilyMart, Watsons, and Boots

Private Hospitals

online platforms under the name BKD VIVA