The medicines for economic animals such as pigs, poultry, beef and dairy cattle, and aquatic animals

are produced and distributed under the Company‘s trademarks for treatment of diseases in farm animals.

Outstanding Business Features

The animal medicine business was founded with the determination and collaboration between veterinarians and pharmacists to produce and supply products that have undergone research and development, as well as experiments to ensure their effectiveness and safety in the treatment of animal diseases.

Outstanding Product Features

1. Research and development: This is conducted to ensure that the products are efficient, effective, and safe for animals, human, and the environment.

2. Quality production: All of the Company’s products have obtained a medicine registration from the Thai FDA and are manufactured in accordance with the Thai FDA standards. Meticulous care is taken in every step of production from selection of good quality precursors, laboratory quality control, and provision of Certificate of Analysis to ascertain the same quality standard for every batch of production.

3. Development of medicine use program: The program ensures accurate veterinary use of the medicine and the proper period for stopping medication to contribute to the livestock’s good health, thereby leaving no residues in meat, milk, and eggs.

4. Fostering good relationship and coordination: The Company focuses on forging good relationships and coordination with distributors, users, and farmers in response to customers’ needs along with providing relevant advice and technical consultations with cumulative expertise and experience for the maximum benefits of customers and consumers as a whole.

Customers can be assured that the treatment is accurate, precise, fast, safe, and effective.

Resulting in good animal health. This helps elevate the animal husbandry business and promote food production from healthy, substance-free animals in alignment with food safety standards.

Sub-business Groups

to treat bacterial and mycoplasma infections
Feed additives
to nourish and nurture animals, reduce stress, and promote growth
to prevent and treat coccidiosis caused by protozoa in pigs and poultry
to prevent and treat parasitic worms in livestock
Cleaning and disinfection products for livestock housing
(in the process of securing raw materials for the production)
Probiotics in animal feed

Distribution Channels and Services

The Company’s products are distributed by Octa Memorial Co., Ltd. (the distributors include veterinarians and animal husbandmen), a business partner marked by their integrity, sincerity, knowledge, marketing expertise, as well as wealth of knowledge in veterinary and modern livestock farming. Octa Memorial Co., Ltd. teams with Bangkok Medica Co., Ltd. to deliver the following products: animal medicines, food additives, and services to customers:

Independent farms

Small farms, Medium-sized farms, Large farms

Contract farming
Integrated farming
Animal medicine and feed additive retailers