Bangkok Lab and Cosmetic Public Company Limited (BLC)

was established on September 30, 1992 by a group of three pharmacists: Mr. Suvit Ngampoopun, Mr. Subhachai Saibour, and Mr. Somchai Phisphahutharn. Lying at the heart of the operation was the production of generic drugs in hopes to provide Thai people with greater access to quality medicines, and therefore establishing sustainable health stability.

Over the course of 30 years, BLC has grown to become a comprehensive healthcare solutions group, comprising generic and new generic drugs, herbal medicines, animal medicines, cosmetics, food supplements, and other health products. The Company’s operation covers the complete value chain of healthcare business, from research and development, manufacturing with international standards, sales and marketing, to distribution to partnering businesses and customers.

With its commitment to growing business based on knowledge and innovations, the Company set up BLC Research Center designed to drive innovations and technologies for the Company's product offerings with technology transfer from the research facilities of both government and business sectors.

For its manufacturing prowess, BLC has achieved multiple certifications for quality and management such as GMP PIC/S, ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 22000 GHP (Good Hygiene Practices), HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Point System), and ISO 14001. This offers proof of the Company's quality products at the highest international standards, that the products are effective and safe for consumers as well as environmentally-friendly.

Beyond generic drugs and other health products, the Company places importance on organic herbs, raw materials that are readily available in Thailand and are packed with exceptional medicinal properties. Capitalizing on the Company’s knowhow in modern pharmaceutical technology, BLC has undertaken R&D to produce herbal extracts under the procedures that meet international standards and conducted studies to provide clinical evidence of efficacy of the products, making them an accepted alternative treatment alongside conventional treatments. These efforts help create health stability and economic growth in a sustainable manner.

BLC pledges to conduct business in line with good corporate governance principles and care for society and the environment.

We have taken care of Thai families over the past 30 years, with the ultimate goal of creating trusted solutions to lifelong well-being (good health and good quality of life) for people in every sector.

Company Overview
and Key Highlights
covering comprehensive healthcare products
in pharmaceuticals, science, and veterinary medicine
internationally-recognized manufacturing standards
hospitals and drugstores in distribution
international business partners
of electricity produced from solar energy per month for use as clean energy
+ Years
of stable and sustainable business operations
+ million
medicine units accessible to patients each year.

Outstanding Strengths

A complete value chain healthcare group

encompassing research and development, production, sales and marketing, distribution, and export

Extensive experience and forward-looking vision

of top executives

Teams with health market expertise
International production standards

with potential to expand manufacturing capacity to accommodate business growth

One of the leaders in innovative Thai herbal products

made from high standard extracts backed by in-depth research and clinical evidence i.e. chilli gel, plai cream, and kaempferia parviflora extract

Ongoing development of new health products

that address the application needs of consumers

BLC Research Center

dedicated to developing innovations and technologies for the Company’s products.

Strong sales and marketing teams

to reach target groups through an extensive distribution channel

Solid partnerships

1. research and development agencies to commercialize research,

2. business partners at home and overseas, and

3. customers through distribution channels in hospitals and drug stores

Sustainable growth

with adherence to transparency and cross examination

Corporate governance

with care for the environment and society

Creating health stability for Thai people and sustainable economic growth

to reduce the import of drugs, offer affordable, safe, effective products, create jobs, generate income, and support growth in all sectors.