Other products include medical devices such as silicone gel for surgical incisions, using advanced silicone development technology from a world-class research institute, and lubricating gel.

Also featured in this category are hazardous materials such as mosquito repellent.

Committed to enhancing the quality of life for consumers, the Company is pushing forward in driving the development of other health-related products.

Distribution Channels

Products registered as medical devices are distributed through the same channels as modern medicines including:

  • Public/state enterprise hospitals
  • Private hospitals
  • Plastic surgery hospitals and skin and aesthetics clinics
  • Retail pharmacies and chain stores

Products registered as hazardous materialsare distributed via the following channels:

  • Retail pharmacies and chain stores
  • Modern trade stores such as Lotus’s, Big C, Macro, CP All, Tops, FamilyMart, Watsons, Boots, etc.
  • Community pharmacies of the universities’ pharmacy faculties
  • eCommerce platforms