The Company manufactures and supplies a wide range of food supplements to help with joints, muscles, bones, and eyesight in various forms such as tablets, powder, etc.

Outstanding Product Features

The Company’s food supplements focus on products that are innovative, clinically proven, and safe. The production process is under the same quality control standard as the manufacture of pharmaceuticals to deliver high quality products that provide effectiveness and safety.

Because our food supplements are crafted with international manufacturing standards, they are able to help repair and rebuild the body effectively.

Examples of Products

Calcium L-Threonate
Calcium from L-Threonate is internationally recognized for its absorption rate which is as high as 95% compared to 10-30% rates of other calcium. It also causes fewer side effects that some people may experience from taking other types of calcium.
Undenatured Collagen Type II
This is a food supplement for knee joint relief. Unlike other collagen, this new patented collagen does not decompose in the stomach, resulting in increased effectiveness. Several studies across the world find that the efficacy of Collagen Type II is comparable to medications for joint relief, making this innovative collagen internationally accepted as a useful alternative treatment for people having problems with knee osteoarthritis, joint pain, and joint stiffness with no need for medications.

Distribution Channels

The Company’s following food supplements are distributed through hospitals and pharmacies nationwide:

General private hospitals

and large private hospital groups

Pharmacies of the hospital foundations operated

by the public hospitals which can offer products not on their lists of essential medicines such as food supplements, cosmetics, etc.

Clinics including internal medicine and specialized clinics

such as bones and joints

Pharmacies including retail

pharmacies and chain stores

Online channels

via multiple platforms under the name BKD VIVA